of genres, including the world famous Peking opera.Historical documents show that Kunqu was first performed in Beijing during the Qin▓g Dynasty (1644-1911) at Prince Gong's Mansion, which was then occupied by a royal family."Fl▓oating Dreams" also gave the audience an early peek at the mansion before ▓its official opening this Wednesday.Hailed as Beijing's best

he six-act play,

-preserved royal mansion, Prince Gong's Mansion will be opened to the public for the ▓first time since its completion in 1777. Gardens in the compound, which opened to tourists in 1988, are a favorite destination for travelers.CHANGCHUN, Northeast China, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Zhao Shanshan surprised all to win the title of the women's freestyle aerials at

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a World Cup event here on Saturday. It was the 21-year-old's first title in he▓r career and also China's first World Cup win in the new season. "It's▓ really a surprise. We hadn't expected Zhao performed so▓ well," said Ji Dong, a coach of the Chinese national team. "She will boost our confidence in our preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games." Zhao sc

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ored a total of 201.63 points for the win, followed by teammate and Olympic silver medalist Li Nina. Lassila Lydia of Australia, winner of the season-opening l▓eg, finished third. "It's an unforgettable day for me," Zhao said. "It's my first world title." Zhao, who started her car▓eer when she was 12, said her aim is to win the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Ga▓mes. "My goal is certainly the Olympic gold medal," she said. "I am very confident." Antique

ch classics

as "The Peony Pa

vilion," highl

ights dreams

furniture, especially hard wood furniture, has enjoyed great popularity in China in recent years. And rose wood furniture made in Ming and Qing dynasties i

, a freq▓uent s

ubject in Ku

s probably the most popular of all. Compared with o▓ther types of hard wood, rose wood is in much better supply and is affordable by ordinary people. Today,

nqu plays, the

report says.Lea

ding America

we tell the story of one collector who has devoted hi▓s life to rose wood furniture. "Collecting has improved my taste. Through it I have become better at fi

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nding the beauty in life." This is the most famous antique street ▓in Beijing. Many just wander here out of curiosity, but some, like this man, have the plac

e mapped out in their hearts. Zhang Hui, one of t▓he keenest collectors of rose-wood furniture in Beijing. Today, he is up as early, as▓ usual, to pay one of his his routine visits to some of the shops in the area. The search for " treasure" in these kinds of antique shops is one of the most important ways to find new pieces. Furniture collector Zhang Hui said, "The days of being able to search for bargains in the countryside have gone. The high-quality antiques are now most▓ly kept in shops. It's wise to come and search these sorts of places. And new comers can learn a lot

who was in Be

ijing for an O

lympic-themed co

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 about antiques from the

dealers. A great deal of my


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es from shops, as well

as from auctions. Rosewood became popular ▓for furniture dur

ing the Ming and Qing eras. Most of Zhanghui's c▓ollection comes from this period. The dark red wood has a distinctive appearance and g

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